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Implement your vision.

Delight users.

As an industrial designer, I design and develop user-friendly and innovative products, focused on a

target-oriented implementation of the vision into concept, design and realisation.

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Freeceps ist ein ganzheitliches Konzept zur Selbstbehandlung der Muskulatur und Faszien für jedermann. Neben dem Tool selbst steht dem Anwender ein detailliertes Übungsprogramm zur Verfügung.

Creativity combined with my know-how in construction and manufacturing enable me to find elegant solutions that combine technology with design and usability in a smart way.

This results in competitive results with increaesed value of product and brand.  

With a holistic strategy, I efficiently manage even complex projects from idea to production, supported by an agile team of experts.

I´d be glad to explain how I can help you optimally implementing your idea in a free consultation. 

Alle Elemente sind in dem äußeren Rahmen der Drone verbaut und lassen das Zentrum frei.     Durch die in sich beweglichen Elemente lässt sich der Abstand der Rotoren, und so das Flugverhalten beeinflussen und kann den Umgebungsbedingungen angepasst werden. Die Elemente werden symmetrisch geführt.     Auch die variable Positionierung von Sensoren und Kameras zueinander kann für die Datenerfassung behilflich sein.
Bestehend aus modularen Elementen, kann ein passender Roboterarm für den Anwendungsfall optimiert zusammengesetzt werden..     So lässt sich die Achsenzahl variieren oder auch die Reichweite verlängern.     Die Kabel- und Schlauchführung erfolgt durch die großen Gelenke und sind so vor Außeneinwirkungen geschützt.     Das Endstück kann unterschiedlichste Werkzeuge aufnehmen.

In addition to transparent and close collaboration with customers, my experience with industry-specific requirements is a gain of time and investment for companies.


customers voices

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whom i support

I specialize in supporting you as a manufacturer/entrepreneur throughout the development process of haptic products.

If you want...


... a product that can beat competition.


... that product development and design process run smooth and efficiently.


... that vision and innovation do not fall by the wayside.

When you`re interested in working with me, register for a free consultation now: Just fill out the short form and I will call you back within your specified period.

Various projects


My customers benefit from this


Positives Nutzererlebnis


Schneller und  transparenter Prozess


Klare Vision und zielgerichtete Strategie


Umsetzung komplexer Projekte


Technik und Design im Einklang


Effizienter Projektverlauf


Umsetzung von Innovationen


Einhaltung branchenspezifischer Anforderungen


Soshin Katsumi

MA Industrial Design

I grew up bilingually in southern Germany and was influenced by both the local as well as the Japanese culture.

Industrial design? That`s why:


I started studying mechanical engineering and continued until I discovered the discipline of product design. 

Here I was able to combine my creativity with analytical, constructive work and realized how good I was at solving problems: Creativity is often the key to working out solutions and simplifying what is supposedly complex.



Working in a design agency since 2016, I have been able to continue developing my professional skills to this day.

In 2018 I founded a start-up with two partners to launch a product I had developed and designed onto the market. I learned a lot, managing the obstacles that awaited me during this process. In addition to production, marketing and the entrepreneurial challenges, I dealt extensively with the Medical Device Regulatories, which also benefits my customers now.


I´d be glad to explain how I can help you optimally implementing your idea in a free consultation. 


Product Design


Design Strategy

User & Market Research

Strategy design + development



Design Development

Drafts to Detail design

Optimizing feasibility
CAD, prototyping

Packaging design


Sketches, illustrations

Photorealistic Renderings 


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So your idea can unfold its full potential.

Whether you are a start-up or a rookie, I will help you developing and implementing your ideas.

With the focus on usability, we create a positive user experience, so your idea can turn into a successful product.


You already know exactly what you want?

Get in touch with me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Let's bring your idea to life!

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