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soda stream

Touch Sound Button: Soda! - Contests

The SodaStream brand, which claims to be the leading manufacturer of sparkling water makers, has held a competition among students at the HfG Karlsruhe and has recognized a number of prizewinners for innovative design ideas.


The design presented here was chosen as the winner. One of the goals was to replace the current bubbler, which takes up floor space in the kitchen, with a more elegant solution. The hanging concept eliminated the space problem, and handling with the bottle itself as a lever is intuitive.

A clear and fresh effect is achieved through transparency, smooth surfaces and a simple yet unique shape. The unpasted, polished cartridge and the view of the mechanism through the transparent ball appear authentic and impress with a clear design language.


The form evokes the association of a rising air bubble, as it occurs when bubbling, and thus creatively stages the function.

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