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Tool for self-treatment of fascia

From concept development to construction, development, design, production, packaging to placement  on the market.

The entire implementation from a single source.

The product

For regions that are difficult to reach by hand, the tool can be securely attached to smooth surfaces such as tiles, door frames, etc. using the adapter. For treatment, you move your body relative to the fixed tool.

In this way, efficient self-treatment can be carried out on the entire body with maximum accuracy, control and strong pressure and even deep-seated problems can be reached.





The ergonomic shape of the handle flows naturally into the dynamic design language, which is reminiscent of muscles and movement.


Not only functionally, but also optically, the dark adapter brings stability to the overall picture.


What is Freeceps?

F reeceps is a holistic concept for self-treatment of muscles and fascia for everyone. In addition to the tool itself, a detailed exercise program is available to the user.



In order to relieve painful tension such as trigger points or tension curves, pressure is applied selectively or linearly.

When using the aluminum handle by hand, you can vary between the small and large head. In addition to a high-quality appearance, the blasted surface primarily ensures the necessary friction on the skin.


The mark


Like the product itself, the logo uses a dynamic design language.


The upper part of the "F" symbolizes a muscle strand. The lower part presses on this - as when using the product.


The lettering itself is formed by combining straight lines and arcs, as is the product shape itself.


The orange reflects physical warmth.   

The high-contrast combination with anthracite  is suitable for  many types of  branding.

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