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Who were the interpreters at the Nuremberg trials?

Conference interpreting as we know it today from conferences, international organizations or on television experienced its breakthrough with the use of simultaneous interpreting during the Nuremberg war crimes trials.

A research project of the AIIC - now in the Verein    Conference interpreting - past, present, future e. V.  - illuminates the background of this development and portrays the people behind the "voice in the ear".

The international series of exhibitions informs the visitor, among other things, about the vita of those involved and their relevance in history. The whole thing is enlivened by speeches, presentations and panel discussions by and with interesting personalities who stand in a wide variety of contexts to the profession.

Photographs from the time and texts in various languages form the growing core, and the exhibition concept itself also developed as a result of the information and experience that was constantly being added.

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Exhibition in Milan 2017

Exhibition in Geneva 2019

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